Water Treatment


With our main international partner in the field of water treatment, Clariant, we guarantee the best products and services in this sector. Our team is qualified and trained to ensure the flawless delivery of the following products and services:

•Boiler water treatment
•Cooling water treatment
•Process water treatment


Blychem supplies a range of water treatment equipment:

• Clarification and filtration plants
• Softening plants
• Demineralisation plants
• Reverse osmosis plants
• Desalination plants
• Ultrafiltration plants
• Nanofiltration plants

We believe in strong partnership with our customers, to whom we provide product recommendation, staff training and assurance in using the highest quality, lowest cost-in-use products available.

Boiler Water Treatment

By pioneering polymer-based boiler water deposit and corrosion inhibitors, Clariant has addressed both traditional scale prevention and the problems brought about by variable feed water quality. Blychem offers a wide range of antiscalant and corrosion inhibitors for boiler water treatment.

Cooling Water Treatment

Our water treatment programme for cooling towers is based on the Performax Millenium Series chemicals. This Vaaler Award-winning, patented product series consists of a complex blend of unique oxidant-stable, organic-based components.

Blychem supplies products for a wide range of industrial cooling systems such as:

• Natural draft cooling towers.
• Mechanical draft cooling towers
• Mechanical draft cross flows
• Recirculating water system/chiller plants

We also offer products for smaller cooling systems such as:

•Basic air-conditioning like compression and absorption
•Evaporative condensers

Process Water Treatment

We market a wide range of chemicals to achieve the required water quality for processes and effluent treatment.
The process chemicals are mainly polymers or water-soluble polyelectrolytes which are used to improve the efficiency of liquids/solids separation processes.
These chemicals are optimised for each particular application.

Clarification & Filtration Plants

Blychem supplies and services sand and carbon filtration plants in all types of applications.

Sand filters
   •  Models PSF 250 to 750 are fitted with a fibre glass tank at a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bars.
   •  Models PSF 800 to 2000 are fitted with a steel tank at a maximum working pressure of 5 bars.

Carbon filters
   •  Models PCF 250 to 750 are fitted with a fibre glass tank at a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bars.
   •  Models PCF 800 to 2000 are fitted with a steel tank at a maximum working pressure of 5 bars.

Flow rate for sand/carbon filter from 1.5 m³/hr to 400 m³/hr.

Our filtration plants are supplied with two types of control systems for backwash and service flow, namely:
   •  Timer controls
   •  PLC/Pressure differential
   •  Time-based
   •  Volume-based – mechanical action
   •  Volume-based – electronic PLC
   •  Timer controller – Models SPT 12 to SPT 2000
   •  Volumetric simplex - Models SPE 12 to SPE 2000
   •  Volumetric duplex/mechanical/PLC/electronic – Models SPD 1200 to 2000

Ion Exchange Equipment

Blychem supplies three types of ion exchange equipment: water softener, demineralisation and de-alkalisation plants. For each type of ion exchange equipment, the control system can be either:
   •  a range of softening plant models
   •  a flow rate from 1m³ to 200 m³/hr Demineralisation/De-alkalisation with flow rate from 1m³ to 100 m³/hr but custom-built.


Reverse Osmosis & Desalination

Blychem supplies a wide range of reverse osmosis equipment both for desalination and demineralization processes.
Blychem and Sud Chemie supply and service RO plants of capacities carrying thousand cubic metres of water daily.


Blychem represents Aquatechnique for ultrafiltration equipment and supplies Ultrafiltration (UF) plants for the production of high quality/clarity water. This is possible due to the technique which enables the retention of all particles of 0.01 microns and above.
The range of Ultrafiltration (UF) plants varies from several thousand cubic metres per day.

Membrane Filtration

Blychem’s supply Filmtec membrane, from DOW Chemical Company, one of the highest quality membrane available internationally.  The membranes are engineered to meet varying needs of a wide range of industrial, municipal, commercial and drinking water applications.  DOW’s advanced manufacturing technologies ensure that the membranes always deliver unmatched performance and productivity as well as the highest quality and consistency.

Water treatment projects
   •  Nanofiltration plant set up at Quality Beverages Ltd
   •  Reverse osmosis filtration system installed at Mauvilac Ltd