Water Dispenser

Model WL 3000

The WL 3000 is a premium water dispenser. With high water dispensing capacity, rich in options and fitted with an integral double cup dispenser, this is the ideal machine wherever a reliable source of pure water is required.


Freestanding model

Dimensions: W 43cm x H 127cm x D 50cm

Table top model

Dimensions: W 43cm x H 46cm x D 50cm

Key benefits:

• Carbon filters - remove impurities, improve taste and preserve important trace minerals.
• The Waterlogic "in Tank" UV system – eliminates bacteria and ensures fresh and purified water.
• Biocote™ anti-microbial silver-based technology - protects the plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing area from any bacteria build up.
• Purification guarantee from the in-built APMS system (automatic purification monitoring system) that will shut down the dispenser whenever the UV lamp is not working properly.


• Choice - cold - hot water from 70 to 95°C to extra hot up to 97°C.
• Drip tray alarm - equipped with a sensor preventing drip tray overflow.
• Compressor refrigeration - R134 A gas, eco-friendly.
• Digital display - with self-check and fault analysis.