Natrasoap is an organically registered contact pesticide with a unique formulation. Natrasoap is derived from potassium salts, combined with fatty acids in a vegetable oil base.

Natrasoap is effective against a wide range of pests that are found in fruit trees, vegetables crops and ornamentals, including Aphids, Mites, Leafhopper, Thrips, Whitefly, Mealy Bug,

Scale and Fungus Nats. Natrasoap is a cost effective pesticide with no residue, and is highly effective as part of an IPM system due to its mode of action.

Product Features

Natrasoap is a contact spray insecticide and requires good coverage for high efficacy. Natrasoap used in an I.P.M. program has demonstrated an ideal fit as it has a different mode of action and is softer on predators than many other currently used insecticides.

Natrasoap is cost effective and has nil residual, making it safe in the environment and enabling immediate re–entry by workers of the target location.

Natrasoap can be used in Broadacre applications, fruit trees, vegetables, annuals, nut trees, ornamentals, nursery and indoor or hothouse plants.

Low Odour.

Low mammalian toxicity.

No Withholding period.