Customer Care

In line with our values, our services are designed for the customers benefit

Customer Care Framework
Blychem recognises that each customer is unique. The first step in our process is dedicated to understanding each customer’s needs. Then we proceed to solve problems. In this way, we can ensure that we consistently match our customers’ expectations to their satisfaction.
After Sales Services
To sustain customers’ satisfaction beyond the sales process, Blychem has invested in the required structure to support our products throughout their duration.

Equipment Support

  • Blychem maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts for all equipment commercialised.
  • Besides, our qualified technicians strive to repair/replace any defective equipment in the shortest possible delay.
  • We also propose preventive maintenance service for our equipment to avoid unscheduled and costly stoppages.

Product Support

  • All chemicals supplied are always freshly manufactured with a view to ensure quality.
  • Furthermore, we guarantee that all products supplied are consistently of high quality.
  • Our Quality Assurance Service extends to the customers’ premises where we carry on-site training and audits to ensure that desired results are being achieved.

Human Resources Support

  • We provide free training to our customers on the best use of products/systems. We continuously monitor performance to ensure that maximum benefits are derived.
  • A helpdesk service is provided to all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a member of Blychem’s team is available in case of emergencies.